What is EHDEN?

The European Health Data & Evidence Network or EHDEN is a public-private partnership under the framework of IMI2 (Innovative Medicines Initiative), with eleven public partners, led by Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam NL, and eleven pharmaceutical partners, led by Janssen Pharmaceutica, Belgium, working together as a consortium.


What is the goal of the project?

The aim is to develop a federated and equitable ecosystem of institutions generating clinical data, with researchers across academia and industry, supported by certified and qualified SMEs, harmonising clinical data and creating a network technology for real-world research. 


The outcome of the project will be the harmonisation of 100 million anonymised health records to the OMOP data model, supported by an ecosystem of certified SMEs, and technical architecture for a federated network.

¿Cuál es el objetivo del proyecto?

What does EHDEN offer?

A network of SMEs will be trained and certified to ensure the consistent transformation of data to the common data model. To cover the costs associated with the data harmonisation, data custodians such as hospitals or research centers will be able to apply for EHDEN funding through a series of open grant calls and receive the harmonization fund. Enter and find current grant calls. 

¿Cuál es el objetivo del proyecto?

What is the role of Veratech?

VeraTech is a trained and certified SME partner of EHDEN. We ensure the consistent transformation of data to the common data model by providing the service of: 

  • OHDSI Software and Tools

  • OHDSI Training 


  • OMOP Standardized Vocabularies