Research, technological development and innovation are key determinant factors in the economic growth of an organization and the improvement of its competitiveness. They also prepare the organization to face the new challenges that arise in an increasingly globalized market.


Nowadays, VeraTech has a portfolio of 45 carried out projects, half of which have been R&D projects. We are interested in continue working in this field collaborating with both public and private entities in order to create synergies in:

  • R&D projects at national and European levels

  • Tenders and Innovative Public Procurement

  • Development of new tools in digital health


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Success stories

Generation of semantic repositories of health data (PTQ2018-009924)

Project co-financed by the TORRES QUEVEDO Program, of the State Research Agency. The objective of this project is to offer a generic technological solution that allows the generation of health data repositories for research.

Addition of semantic link in archetypes and its application to the validation and measurement of the quality of health data (DIN2018-009951)

Project co-financed by the INDUSTRIAL DOCTORATES Program of the State Research Agency. The main objective is to develop a methodology and tools for the specification of domain rules that include expressions on the SNOMED CT conceptual model, intensional specification of subsets and conditional terminological links that allow the evaluation of health data consistency.

Health data semantic model based on SNOMED CT and its application to the data quality assessment (IMINOD / 2019/123)

Project co-financed by IVACE and by the European Union through ERDF. The project aims to address the problem of having quality standardized medical data, with a high level of consistency, which will help alleviate the problem of accessibility, communication and aggregation of health data.

Generation of standardized medical data repositories for research with annotated and assured data quality (Exp. IMIDTA/2016/117)

The main objective of this project is to provide a generic technologic solution that allows the generation of repositories of clinical data for research.

Development of a patient empowerment tool based on EHR standards and blockchain

An interactive, dynamic and modular system that will allow interoperability between any center, while allowing the patient to have their clinical history anywhere in the world with the maximum security that blockchain offers

Annotation service of named entities and biomedical events of biomedical / clinical corpus in Spanish (Exp 67/I8PS)

We facilitate tools to the expert annotators to make the annotation process easier and the later automatic review of the consistency of the annotations with the assigned concepts.

Development and technical support for the creation of the semantic interoperability manager of the Valencia regional network of biobanks (EXP. 2018-06)

One of the first Innovative Public Purchase of the Valencian Community co funded  by The European Union through the Operational program of the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) of the Valencian Community 2014-2020.

Methodologies for development, governance and semantic enrichment of clinical information models (DI-14-06564)

The main objective of this project is the study and design of a unified methodology for the modeling of clinical information and the development and evaluation of tools that support the processes of implementation and governance of clinical information models.

Execution of research projects or experimental development. Promotion of the scientific research, technological development and innovation in the Valencian Community (AEST/2016/023)

Support to the R&D line of business on data quality: scientific development of current projects and design of new experimental projects, preparation of new proposals for research projects and participation in the integration of VeraTech on Big Data platforms.

Impulse of Clinical Management through a BI tool oriented to the detection of sanitary necessities and analysis of incremental value

The main objective of the project is to generate the bases for the improvement of the CUIDISS tool, thus allowing the generation of "intelligent reports" on the demand and needs of patients assisted in health organizations in order to guide all future actions and innovations towards the same and facilitate the involvement of health professionals in clinical management. For this, it is key to analyze the BIG DATA environment that allows to reach the most efficient management.

Pilot project to improve the quality of information in perinatal care, based on good practices of SNS, under the framework of childbirth care and reproductive health (2015/07PN0010)

This project arises to respond the need of assessing maternal-child health strategies with the ultimate aim of disseminating best practices. This is a pilot project to obtain a standardized data source with assured quality on which to build a set of indicators for the monitoring maternal and child care.

Development of training material and clinical data modeling course for the “Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais” (UFMG) in Brazil

VeraTech has developed a training course on the UNE-EN 13606 and the use of archetypes for clinical data modeling with LinkEHR in the “Centro de Informática em Saúde da Faculdade de Medicina da UFMG” de Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Collaboration Challenges for the development of the “Evaluation service and rating of the quality of biomedical data repositories”

VeraTech and the Polytechnic University of Valencia develop a service to facilitate to the different health institutions the assurance of the quality of their information for optimal primary and secondary exploitation, shifting the improvement of the quality of the information to healthcare quality and optimizing its use as a data source for research and strategic decision support.

Augmented Electronic Health Record for Clinical Research (PTQ-12-05620)

The aim of this project is the study, evaluation and validation of technologies and tools for the semantic modeling of clinical information, terminology / biomedical ontologies and linked data sources in order to extend the functionalities of the company's products to cover the reuse of health information in clinical research.

Predictive models based on quantitative magnetic resonance imaging for pre-surgical decisions and follow-up of brain tumors (PTQ-12-05693)

The objective of this project is the development of a tool for pre-surgical diagnosis and monitoring of brain tumors.

FutureClinic project funded by Conselleria de Economía, Industria, Turismo y Empleo (Generalitat Valenciana)

The main objective of FutureClinic project is the research on methodologies and techniques needed for introducing personalized genomic medicine into the health system, allowing the incorporation of diagnosis support solutions based on genomic information.

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